class rolumns.Source(constant: Optional[Any] = None, cursor: Optional[Cursor] = None, path: Optional[str] = None, translator: Optional[Callable[[TranslationState], Any]] = None)[source]

Describes how to read a value from an object.

path describes the path to the value. For example, given this object:

    "name": "Robert Pringles",
    "address": {
        "planet": "Pluto"
  • The path "name" returns Robert Pringles

  • The path "address.planet" returns Pluto

And given this list of primitives:

  • The path None iterates over the values

constant describes any static constant to bind to.

cursor describes any cursor to bind to.

read(record: Any) Iterable[Any][source]

Yields each prescribed value of record.